AKANKSHA ARADHYA FOUNDATION (AAF) is an initiative started in 2020 to bring out an awareness in the society about the menaces in the Health & Educational Industry. AAF is an NGO which will take care of abandoned girl children and treat them as our own daughters so as to give them all opportunities to bloom and grow, creating a wonderful society to live for all.


It is said that when God made man, he thought his creation was incomplete, so he made women, a complete soul, to guide, motivate, love, take care of man so that he can be complete. A woman has several roles - mother, sister, friend, wife, partner and daughter, and she plays these roles very easily, but unfortunately we treat them very badly.


Akanksha Aradhya Foundation believes that good length is not just a body level management and diseases are not just because of body level malfunctioning but its deep rooted in our emotional behaviour patterns. Diseases are manifested first at the emotional level and consistent emotional attacks create permanent changes which in turn create hormonal/metabolic imbalance which start effecting respective organs when organs start malfunctioning the symptoms start surfacing.